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Besides sponsoring children for their schooling we also try to offer our help to the local communities. You can also help us with a one-off donation.

What we do

As 100% volunteers, we are committed to sponsoring the education of children in Bali, Indonesia. Schooling is quite cheap there, unless your parents have little to nothing. Then EUR 100 per year (primary school) or EUR 135 (secondary education) is often simply not feasible for them. As much as they would like to help their children get an education. 

In addition to individual sponsorship, we also develop projects at the school level, of course in close coordination with the school management regarding their needs. Consider, for example, computer equipment to support teachers, improve English language education, sanitary facilities at school, etc. If you want to support such a project once, any amount is more than welcome!

How it works

At the primary school, the headmaster invites the children and their parents for the annual visit of the foundation’s representative. We then explain again what the purpose of the foundation is and that – as long as their child continues to go to school – they receive an annual contribution towards the costs of the school uniform, shoes, books, etc. Then a photo is taken of the child alone, and with the parent(s). We then give the money to the child in the presence of the parent(s) and the headmaster and/or a teacher.

For the older children who attend secondary school (junior and senior high school), we make agreements per region, in consultation with our local contact persons. The students then arrive on a day and time for the meeting with SPB. They also come with a parent and must appear in school uniform. So that it is clear that they indeed go to school. They must then hand over the form distributed in advance, with a short report of the past school year for their benefit sponsor. After the photos have been taken, the sponsorship money is handed over to them.


We are very proud we are a part of this project and we’ve been able to see with our own eyes how important this project is for the local community and the positive impact it has on the future of these children. Especially the small scale and intensive and passionate dedication of everyone involved combined with the efficient use of sponsor resources is what attracts me to the foundation.

Bert & Paulien Vink


I am Putu Diana Wati, I’m 7 years old and live with my grandma in Munduk Bestala in the north of Bali. Recently I’ve been able to go to school and I’m now in the first grade. I’m very happy I can go to school now. Sampai bertemu!

Putu Diana Wati

Sponsor child

I’ve happily sponsored several children over the past few years. It brings me great joy to hear about their progress through the foundation. The foundation has brought me into contact with some of them through videocalls and my daughter has even visited some of them herself.

Muriel Fieten


What you get

In addition to the satisfaction that you offer a child in Bali a better future perspective, you will receive the following from us:

A photo of the child, and the family, you sponsor

We try to visit all children ourselves every year to record their progress and to maintain contact with them. Of course we share this, and all messages / drawing of the child and the family with you.

Information about the school and the progress your sponsor child is making in their education

In addition to an update about the child and the family itself, you will also receive information about the progress at school and the steps that will be taken if, for example, the child moves from Sekolah Dasar (primary school) to Sekolah Menengah Pertama (the ‘first secondary school’).

The opportunity to visit your sponsor child in Bali

Perhaps you are going on holiday to Balie yourself and would like to see how your sponsored child is doing. In consultation there is the possibility to arrange a visit!


An ANBI or ‘ algemeen nut beogende instellingen’ is a Public Benefit Organization who’s efforts are almost entirely commited to the public benefit. To be qualified as an ANBI the organization has to meet certain conditions, those can be found under the ‘About the foundation’ section.

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On August 14 I left Amsterdam Schiphol with Qatar via Doha to Denpasar on Bali, together with Tjeerd, Chairman of the Foundation and a good friend of mine. After a journey of about 19 hours we arrive in the evening of the next day. It is already dark when we drive to...

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