Finances 2021

The total expenditure in 2022 was 42,323 Euro.

Most of the expenses concern the school costs for the children and the special corona contributions for the families. These amounted to 24.641 euros for 225 students.

The other expenses are divided as follows:

  • Projects: 11.426 euro, for which we bought 29 laptops for students who went to class 10, and 105 food packages for the poorest families (20 euro each).
  • Corona expenses: 5.178 euro; extra gifts of sponsors to support the families in the difficult corona period.
  • Computer/office costs: 431 euro; software licenses, database and various smaller office costs.
  • General costs: 202 euro
  • Financial costs: 445 euro, an accounting settlement of the exchange differences.




Scholingsproject Bali is geregistreerd bij Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI). Dit geeft onze donateurs de zekerheid dat hun donatie terecht komt bij een organisatie die zich houdt aan de strikte Nederlandse regelgeving voor goede doelen.

Holiday Wishes

Travel report Jolanda and Jan

After two (corona) years of waiting, on September 7 Jolanda and I finally went to Bali. A few weeks before that date, Tjeerd brought us some clothes for the children on Bali. A large blue suitcase filled with clothes and toys and some extra stuff that we would take...

Visit 2022: Sponsor money and food packages

In September, we were back in Bali for the foundation for the first time in three years! That is, I was there earlier in March, to prepare for the visit to the schools and parents. I then handed out the forms to the contact persons, in order to ensure a smooth visit...

Travel blog Tjeerd 2018

On August 17 I arrived again on Bali for the yearly visit of the Foundation to the schools and children. My first stop was Padangbai, on the east coast of Bali. On Sunday afternoon I was at White Sand beach, where I met all the children and their parents, gave them...

Corona crisis op Bali: update januari 2021

Corona crisis on Bali: update January 2021 In May last year we informed our sponsors and other interested parties about the lockdown on Bali and the disastrous consequences for the children and their families. At that time we still had a small hope that we would be...

Karin Francke visit Bali 2019

On August 14 I left Amsterdam Schiphol with Qatar via Doha to Denpasar on Bali, together with Tjeerd, Chairman of the Foundation and a good friend of mine. After a journey of about 19 hours we arrive in the evening of the next day. It is already dark when we drive to...

Travel blog Raymond, Denise and Rileigh

We arrived in Lovina on Monday, the location of Rileigh Tyrrell’s sponsored child, Arystia (age 15). This time, we met at the family home. We were briefed by Raymond’s Uncle Tjeerd that her father had died of cancer last year and the father’s family had basically...

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