Purpose of the Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is to provide financial support to children of the poorest families in Bali, so that they can go to school without problems. Although education in Bali is free of charge up to the age of 15 (primary school and so-called junior high school), but there are still costs for parents. The most important are the uniforms, which must be purchased. Since there are four (sic!) different uniforms per week, this involves a considerable amount of money. Shoes, teaching materials and sometimes transport costs can be added to this.  With 100 Euros a year for primary school and 135 Euros for high school, these costs are covered for the greater part.

The so-called senior high school (from 15 to 18 years old) is not compulsory, but most children want to continue. The aim of the foundation is to support the children up to and including the senior high school. Most sponsors also continue to support their child until the end of this period. If that is not the case, the foundation will take over the support, as long as no new sponsor has been found. Practice shows that this usually happens quickly.



The selection of the children to be sponsored is up to the schools we work with. The foundation has a contact person at every school who acts as an intermediary.  And who can also be approached if there are problems or questions, from the board of the foundation or from the sponsor. Every year in August (the beginning of the school year), the chairperson of the foundation, sometimes assisted by the secretary or another person involved, visits all schools and if possible or necessary,  families.  They check if each child is still attending school, a photo is taken, and a form (which has already been provided by the local contacts) with a drawing or text of the child is taken. The photo and form are then sent to the sponsors so that they are informed of the development of “their” child (or children).


Financial compensation for board members

The board members of SPB do not receive any financial compensation from the Foundation. They largely pay their own costs for travel and accommodation, apart from a small contribution to the hotel costs in Lovina, where we have to stay for a few weeks to see all the children and handle the affairs. In some cases the local contact persons receive a small expense allowance for their work. To cover such costs, annual extra activities are organized, such as the “Plantendag’’ (see Newsletters), so that the contributions from the sponsors go entirely to the children. Further financial reporting can be found on this page.


Support after high school

Although not the main objective of the foundation, a few young people are currently being supported in their follow-up studies (secondary or higher professional education). Because the costs are considerably higher, this is usually not possible to cover by a single sponsor, so we will focus on supporting multiple sponsors for a child. This is always done in consultation with the sponsor of the child in question, of course the child him/herself and his or her parents. The foundation also asks for a contribution from them, as an “investment” in their child (if that is within their – limited – possibilities).


Policy plan 2020-2025

Since its founding in 2010, which started with the support of 17 children, the number of sponsored children has grown to 215 thanks to an active recruitment policy.  Since our strength lies in the small-scale approach, and the personal contact on the one hand with children, parents and schools on Bali, and sponsors in the Netherlands and abroad on the other, we do not want to grow much further in numbers, but rather in depth. Expanding in depth is possible by continuing to support a number of promising students after high school. We started with this in 2018.  A few students are currently being supported in their follow-up studies (secondary or higher vocational training). Because the costs are considerably higher, this is usually difficult to ask from a single sponsor. This is why we will focus on finding multiple sponsors for a child. This is always done in consultation with the sponsor of the student in question, of course the child him/herself and his or her parents. The foundation also asks for a contribution from the parents, as an “investment” in their child (if it is within their – limited – possibilities). In addition, it remains possible – if a sponsor prefers – to support a younger child at primary school.

For information on the foundation’s activities please visit our blog.



Our foundation is registered in the Netherlands as so called  ’Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ (ANBI). So that you can be sure your donation is in keeping with the strict Dutch laws. To abide by these quality rules and give maximum transparency to our sponsors, we have also registered our foundation at:  www.geef.nl. They have checked our data and given us the 100% quality control proof mark.

Contact details

Stichting Scholingsproject Bali

RSIN 821901722

Tel 0644434566

Molenland 14

3641 PL te Mijdrecht


An ANBI or ‘ algemeen nut beogende instellingen’ is a Public Benefit Organization who’s efforts are almost entirely commited to the public benefit. To be qualified as an ANBI the organization has to meet certain conditions, those can be found under the ‘About the foundation’ section.

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