In September, we were back in Bali for the foundation for the first time in three years!

That is, I was there earlier in March, to prepare for the visit to the schools and parents. I then handed out the forms to the contact persons, in order to ensure a smooth visit in September. It was a special happening this year.

Although we were very happy that the payout to the children in the corona years could be made without our presence in Bali, it was great to be back again and meet everyone. It was also special because there were five of us this time.

Hetty was also here with her brother Jan and his wife Jolanda. Last but not least, this time we had a photographer accompanying us: Henk. He is a professional photographer, who had offered to come at his own expense and take pictures of the children. He also took new photos for the website. Jan turned out to be an enthusiastic host who invited the children in his best Bahasa to come to the photographer (‘`apa kabar, nama saya Jan, dananda?”). Jolanda acted as a cashier to pass on the correct amounts for the children to me. And Henk found the most suitable place for the photos and shot great pictures.

The sponsors have now received these beautiful photos. In addition to the annual sponsorship money, we were also able to hand over more than 100 food packages, thanks to the extra contributions from a large number of sponsors. The photos show that the parents and children were also very happy with this package.. Also, 29 laptops were handed over to students who went to class 10 (=senior high school) in August.

Graduation Emmawati

Another special event was Emmawati’s graduation. She has been sponsored by Hetty since she was 9 years old. From the shy girl in primary school, she has grown into an enthusiastic, self-confident, communicative young woman. After a successful study of 4 years, she now has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

The graduation ceremony was a festive event in a luxury hotel in Nusa Dua, with all the bells and whistles. We were both invited to the ceremony and present in full Balinese outfits. Emmawati also turned out to be the best of all graduates, which was rewarded – as is the custom on Bali – by putting her in the spotlight and handing over a check for 1 million Rph. We were also quite proud that she made it this far!

New sponsors

Over the past few months, we could welcome18 new sponsors, including a number of Dutch and German young women, whom I met in Bali. They could also go directly to the schools or families of the children. And that is always a special experience for a sponsor. Sometimes also emotional, because these children live in greater poverty than you think at first sight in Bali. Then the decision to help is also taken (more) quickly. We are very happy with these new supporters!


Collaboration with the Foundation “Wees een Kind” discontinued

Unfortunately, the previously announced collaboration with the “Wees een Kind” foundation is canceled. There was a difference of opinion about the working method, so it was decided that it would be better to end the collaboration. Sponsors who now support a child in Java will continue to do so via “Wees een Kind”. This has been discussed with them. The new treasurer of SPB is Karin Francke and the secretary is Simone Winkel. The changes have been introduced at the Chamber of Commerce and the website will be updated as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support!